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Ways To Improve Your Computer Performance

PIA health and computer_0Let’s face it – your computer is not the most cooperative piece of machinery a lot of time time.  When it’s working well it’s great – but when it misbehaves or starts to slow down it can be one of the most frustrating and infuriating things in the world.  And for sure your computer will start to give you problems at the worst possible time – usually when papers or projects are due, you have to send an important email, or you’re in the middle of editing a video.

The thing is, computers are what we make of them.  They are simply machines and do not try to do this to you.  They respond directly to the actions we take.  Therefore it is possible to prevent and reverse computer malfunctions.  There are a few great tricks and software tools that you can use to this effect.  It’s very easy to improve the performance of your computer if you just do a few simple things.

Clear Out Old Software

One of the biggest reasons that your computer will slow down or boot up slowly is that there is software running in the background.  Over time as you add more and more software to your computer it can become bogged down in the many different processes that are going on in the background – many of which you may not even be aware of.  Some software is worse than others.

Go through the Add/Remove Software window in the Control Panel and see if there are any software programs that you want to get rid of.  This can also greatly help to improve the boot time of your PC in general as less programs will want to load when you start up your computer.

Get Rid Of Duplicate Files and Junk

Did you know that there can be a lot of duplicate files lurking on your computer?  Yes that’s right – you may not even be aware of it.

Using a software program such as CCleaner can be very helpful in finding and removing duplicate files that could be taking up space.  CCleaner is also great at removing junk files that could be clogging your computer, much to its detriment.

Using a registry cleaner can also sometimes be very helpful in this regard.  There are so many different things that can build up in a computer and you’ll never be able to remove all of them manually.

Upgrade Your RAM

The RAM in your computer is a direct measure of how much you can actually do on your computer at one time.  Adding more RAM is probably the best improvement you can make to your computer and it will have a huge impact on its speed and responsiveness.  It’s easier on some computers to upgrade your RAM so you might have to do a tiny bit of research.  But you can go to a website such as in order to see how much memory your computer can have and what upgrades are available to you.  They make it very easy for anyone to do.